Backboard and other equipment

A backboard is equipment used in the game of basketball. A basket is attached to it. It is made up of materials like wood, fiber, plexiglass etc. It is rectangular and vertically placed. The backboard may also be oval in shape. However, in NCAA and NBA only rectangular backboard is used. Oval backboards are used mostly in non-professional games. Basketball hoop is installed on the backboard is attached with the help of a loose connection allowing the absorption of the shock caused by the ball. Beach basketball and netball do not use backboards. The size of the rectangular backboard is 6 feet by 3.5 feet.

There is a uniform code in the game of basketball. The players wear a pair of shorts and a sleeveless shirt with a particular number printed on both back and front side. The numbers of players range between 4 and 15. Clothes are generally loose fitting so as to allow greater mobility. Basketball players wear shoes with a sole of rubber designed to protect ankles of the players and worn with towel shocks. The basketball attire is designed to be comfortable and also serve as a indicator for other players to recognize their team mates on the court.

Shoes worn by basketball players need to have an extra grip on the court, which is made up of polished wood. Players should be easily able to maneuver on the court without slipping and falling. Basketball shoes are nowadays designed to help players jump higher, by adding spring action.



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