Basketball Court

Basketball court is the surface on which game is played. It includes a rectangular floor with tiles on both the ends. The floor of an indoor basketball court is made up of wood which is polished. The floor of an outdoor basketball court is usually made up of asphalt or concrete. At both of the ends of the court hoops are installed.

In the initial stage of game when it was invented, peach baskets were used by Dr. James Naismith. The goal is scored when the ball is thrown in the basket without passing it. So, the ball had to be retrieved from the basket. It was a hectic task, which is why they were replaced with metal hoops. The metal hoops in modern day baskets have a net hanging around it, which allows the ball to pass through the hoop and the ball comes down automatically after scoring the goal. These hoops are attached to the backboard which is rectangular and is made up of fiber, wood or metal etc.

Basketball courts are different in sizes and shapes. As per the FIBA rules, the court is 28 meters by 15 meters. In NBA, the court is slightly bigger measuring 28m by 15m. The size of the basketball court can be minimum 26m by 14m smaller than that is not allowed among the national federations. The baskets or rims are placed at the height of 10 feet or 3.05 meters. At school level, a smaller court is allowed.



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