Passing in Basketball

During passing, the basketball is moved between different players. It is used to ensure accuracy as it increases the power. Chest pass is the main passing technique in which ball is passed to the chest of a player who receives it. Outward snap of the thumbs is involved so as to add the velocity of the ball leaving little time for the defense to react.

Another technique in passing is the bounce pass, in which a player bounces the ball from his own chest to another player. In this type of pass the ball takes longer time to pass but it is hard to intercept the ball. This type of pass is mostly used in crowded situations. Another type is overhead pass which is made by a player when he wants to pass the ball over a defender.

There is another pass which is called outlet pass. This pass is used when the team gets a defensive rebound. A pass is said to be a successful pass when it is difficult to be intercepted by the defenders. A good player knows very well where he can pass the ball to his teammates with great accuracy. He does not look towards the receiver.

If he looks towards him, the pass cannot be successful as the defenders will intercept it. He has to pass it secretly without looking at the receiver. This is called non looks pass. Another important technique of passing is behind the back pass. In this type of pass, the ball is thrown from behind the receiver.



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