Shooting in Basketball

Shooting is one of the major basketball techniques in which a player attempts to score points by putting the ball into the basket. Shooting methods differ from player to player and in various situations. In shooting, a player is face to face with the basket and keeping the ball on the finger tips shoots the ball in the basket. The wrist is kept stationary for a few seconds and the ball is then released by jumping towards the basket. The ball's impact with the rim is reduced by the player by a steady backspin on the ball.

A player may use two methods to put the ball in the basket. He can shoot by aiming directly at the rim without touching the backboard or he may use the backboard to redirect the ball into the basket.

Basketball Shot Types

There are multiple shot types:

  • Jump Shot - The jump shot is taken in mid-air releasing the ball while jumping. A jump shot is effective allowing the player to shoot above the head of the defender.
  • Layup - A layup is type of shot in which a player remains in motion toward the basket. reaching toward teh rim while laying it in.
  • Dunk - A slam dunk in which a player takes a very high jump throwing the ball straight through the hoop.
  • Set Shot - A set shot is taken while standing on the floor without jumping in the air.  
  • Circus Shot - A circus shot is a low percentage shot. It is taken when the player is somewhat out of controll or in an awkward position.

Learning to Jump Shoot with B.E.E.F

  1. B stands for Balance - Place feet shoulder-width apart. Put the foot of the shooting hand slightly forward. Bend and flex legs to produce bounce during the shot.
  2. E stands for Eyes - The eyes should be locked on the spot of the rim or backboard where the ball should land. Typically, the back of the rim (relative to the position of the shooter) should be the target unless the backboard is the target.
  3. E stands for Elbow - The shooting arm should be bent initially in the form of a 90 degree angle. The elbow should be nearly straight below the wrist. 
  4. F stands for Follow through - With the shooting hand positioned above the arm with the 90 degree angle, place the ball on the palm and 5 fingers. The ball should be able to sit on the hand without any other support. Now gently add a support hand to the side of the ball. When the ball is shot, the arm extends nearly straight up as the legs straightent, the wrist of the ball hand snaps forward. Most good shooters will leave the arm and hand extended temporarily as if reaching inside a cookie jar on top of the cupboard.

A shot should occur fluidly and with strength.



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