Basketball Equipment

The basketball and the court is the essential equipment in the game of basketball. Two baskets are installed on the rectangular surface on opposite sides of the court. There is certain small equipment needed in the game such as stop watches, scoreboard, whistle, and score sheets to record the score of each team. As per the international standard, a basketball court is 28 meter long and 15 meter wide. In NBA this measurement is slightly higher. The floor of the court is wooden. A net is attached to a steel rim measuring 18 inches in diameter fixed on a backboard measuring 6 feet by 3.5 feet. It is called a basket which is installed on both the opposing sides of the court. The size of the basketball is regulated for men and women teams differently. The ball is 29.5 inches in circumference weighing 624 grams for men while it is 567 gram in case of women.



A basketball is an inflated ball which can be of different sizes for different teams and organizations. They may range from a few inches to 1 foot in diameter. A standard ball used in the game of basketball is 29.5 inches in circumference which is specified by NBA. All the balls used in basketball game are made up of inner rubber bladder. Outer cover is made up of leather or rubber. It may be ma...


Backboard and other equipment

A backboard is equipment used in the game of basketball. A basket is attached to it. It is made up of materials like wood, fiber, plexiglass etc. It is rectangular and vertically placed. The backboard may also be oval in shape. However, in NCAA and NBA only rectangular backboard is used. Oval backboards are used mostly in non-professional games. Basketball hoop is installed on the backboard is a...


Basketball Court

Basketball court is the surface on which game is played. It includes a rectangular floor with tiles on both the ends. The floor of an indoor basketball court is made up of wood which is polished. The floor of an outdoor basketball court is usually made up of asphalt or concrete. At both of the ends of the court hoops are installed. In the initial stage of game when it was invented, peach baskets...


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