A basketball is an inflated ball which can be of different sizes for different teams and organizations. They may range from a few inches to 1 foot in diameter. A standard ball used in the game of basketball is 29.5 inches in circumference which is specified by NBA. All the balls used in basketball game are made up of inner rubber bladder. Outer cover is made up of leather or rubber. It may be made up of synthetic material. There is a valve in the ball to increase or decrease the pressure inside the ball. There is a rib like structure on the surface of the ball having different color other than the color of the ball. Generally, a basketball is orange in color which has black ribs. The color of the ball may vary.

Balls are designated as indoor balls and outdoor balls. Indoor balls are usually made up of leather or any absorbent material. Outdoor balls are made up of rubber of any other durable material such as synthetic. In the game of basketball a ball is necessary equipment in addition to court and the baskets. It is rule that the ball must keep bouncing all the time and be thrown to other players. That is why the ball in the basketball game is durable. In free styling, the ball is used to perform tricks. The famous brands of basketballs in at present include Molten, Nike, Rawlings, Wilson and Spalding.



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