Dribbling and Blocking in Basketball

Dribbling is a game technique in basketball in which ball is kept bouncing continuously by a player with one hand. He pushes the ball down to the ground with fingers so as to gain better control of the ball. The player dribbles the ball with the hand which is farther from the defending player so as to make it difficult for him to snatch the ball from him. While dribbling, the player has to move forward. A dribbler has to be expert in dribbling with both hands so as to save the ball from opponent. A good dribbler keeps the ball low reducing the distance of the ground and the hand. A low ball is difficult to be snatched by the opponent. An expert dribbler even can dribble the ball while moving the ball around his body while moving forward. This technique is known as a crossover.

Blocking is another technique of basketball in which a defender blocks a shot by touching it. The ball is allowed to be touched by the defender before it comes down from its arc. The ball can be touched while going upward and not when it is coming down towards the basket. A player has to reach a higher point by jumping. Taller players score more blocking points than the shorter players. So, a player with a greater height is used as a blocker since he or she is at an advantage for his team. But shorter players can be successful by performing higher leaps at accurate moments and are great for in court passing.



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