Developing a Post Player

The post position is a key position in any basketball offense. Domination of the paint is critical to controlling rebounds, put backs, and loosening up pressure on a guards and forwards. 

The post position is defined as the location within the paint area close to the rim. Post players are usually larger than outside players and by necessity more physically aggressive. A post player who can gain an advantage by out-positioning an opponent will have a greater chance to score, rebound, and assist other teammates.

Post Player Responsibilities

  1. Rebound - a good post player is an expert rebounder.
  2. Score - post players can become integral to helping a team add points.
  3. Assist - insider players can pass to open players for shooting opportunities by drawing them inside.
  4. Create Opportunities - post players can set screens, create defensive confusion, and create position opportunities where the offense has scoring opportunites.
  5. Defense - On defense a post player should be able to control the offensive opponent and minimize the impact they have by disallowing ball contact and position play.

Post Player Training

Offensively, post players should work significantly on rebound drills, position advantages, close proximity scoring, and shooting free throws. They should be constantly looking for ways to secure the ball, score and create opportunities for teammates.

Defensively, they should rebound, limit the impact their opponent has in the paint, and not foul. They should play aggressively, wisely, and carefully all at the same time. Smart defense can really rattle the opponent.

Post players are key to a teams success. Good post players make a huge difference.



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